Thursday, 10 July 2008

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Career Girls

Career Girls is a great film created by Mike Leigh, it shows  a lot of realism of how people can be but then how they can change, during life learn new things in life and work to have a good future. Career Girls is about two women that used to live together and after saying goodbye they meet up, but know they are totally different. Hannah has changed a lot, she is now a business women, has a good job, money and a nice place to live in. Annie has changed as well, she used to have really bad skin problems know this has gone and the women meet up and Annie goes to Hannah ho she is living. All this is compared to what happened before in their lives how they used to, and how they are know. 

The film shows two different stories, it's like the women are telling us what has happened before, we understand how much they have changed and how they used to be. So we look at the realism of what they went through, how they had to live and how they are now.  

Thursday, 3 July 2008


 Mike Leigh is a man that has a unique style when producing films. He is most famous for improvisation, whereas other directors work is purely based as script work.  Mike Leigh has a different technique that may interest some actors and actresses. Mike Leigh  gets his cast together and he gives them a character that they need to work on, they have no script but get into the role of what character they will be in the film. 

Mike Leigh works with the characters while they are improvising until they get it wright, so until the true realism comes out they will film the scene. Mike Leigh may get a lot of criticism for not having a script as most directors do, however he wants to catch the true feeling of his characters. 

Monday, 30 June 2008

Finally got a hypothesis!!

"What impact does Mike Leigh's use of improvisation have on the portrayal of Social Realism in his films?" 

Friday, 27 June 2008

Social Realism

As we know Mike Leigh’s films focus a lot on the social realism of people’s lives at the time a film is set in. So when looking at his films, I decided to look at 2 main ones which I think will look closely at social realism.

(I am looking at a few more so there will be moreJ)

1. Vera Drake – the reason for this is because as it is set in the 1950’s it shows a lot about England during the post War period, we see a family that are of low class, but are very happy together they all have their jobs and help out. However Vera Drake (Imelda Staunton) has a secret, she helps women induce miscarriages for unwanted pregnancies. In the 1950’s this was illegal in England, Vera felt that she was not doing anything wrong, just helping the women making it seem so realistic and getting the audience involved by being on her side.

I am also focusing on the cinematography, how in Vera Drake there are a lot of extreme close ups Mike Leigh does this so that the audience focus on specific things, also the close ups so of the face expressions which show a lot to the audience, of the realisms of the emotions. Also looking at the long shots that show the whole family, giving is different views of the family. How they are as a family.

2. Secret and Lies – is another film that I will be looking at the reason for this is because this also shows a lot of realism, we have the Cynthia (Brenda Blethyn) who really makes the audience involved and it makes it realistic. In some of the shots it is as if we the audience are observing what is happening making it seem like we are there, creating social realism. One main point in the film is that we have two different social classes a working class who have much more money, who have good living conditions and then a low working class. Showing that people can be different even though they are related meaning they don’t all have to earn the same amount.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

First Post!

The auteur I have chosen is the English director, Mike Leigh.
He focuses on social realism and improvisation and this will be the basis of my hypothesis.

So far, I have seen two films and I have found an interview in Empire magazine consisting of his work.

From reading the interview and watching the films, I can see the actors were in quite a lot of shock as they didn't have a script to follow and were finding out what was going on as the film progressed. This managed to create a huge amount of realism helping the film to play on the audience's emotions.